…  and thank you very much for your interest!

In November 2019 Norbert will accompany our Caddy with roof tent from Hamburg to Montevideo on board a container ship. We then want to travel for about half a year through South America, THIS (Southern) summer mainly through Uruguay, Argentina and perhaps Chile.

I say “THIS” summer, because we plan to return to Germany for the (Northern) summer in May to go back to work until November. We plan to continue our journey then in November 2020. Meanwhile our Caddy will wait for our return in Uruguay.

The most important purpose of this site is, of course, to keep our loved ones in Germany and in the United States and friends all over the world posted, as to what we are doing, where we are, where we’re going and to share with them our experiences.

This also is the reason why the contributions are in English. It is the language that most of us, more or less, understand.

But we also want to let others, who perhaps might consider similar adventures, take part in our preparations and experiences.

Of course we appreciate any comments, helpful hints, and will answer questions as good as we can.

Because our “real trip” through South America obviously will not start until after the arrival of Norbert and the Caddy in Montevideo the week before Christmas (probably), the contributions until then will focus on the preparation – and there’s a lot!

I just hope you still enjoy participating in our “Vorfreude”.

I will try to publish a preparations/progress/experience report once a week, but cannot promise. This mainly depends on the availability of WiFi or at least decent data connection via our cell phones.