First Trial

We were invited to a birthday party of friends about 600 km south of Berlin. Great opportunity to see if we can manage our new mobile home.

Well, we did, as can be seen in the pictures. But just to remove the protection cover, to unstrap the whole thing and to finally open it took about 30 minutes. Looks a lot smoother and faster on the promotion videos!!!

 The second day we added the annex. This took another half hour.

I hope practice makes perfect – and faster.

We also noticed that we need to become much more organized. The space we have in the car is very limited. Every thing needs to have its special place. I think this is one of the greatest challenges for two chaotic people like us. 

We decided to keep all our stuff in stackable “Euroboxen” which can be strapped down while on road.

Well, first time and REALLY careful. Next time, I hope, I’ll be a bit more courageous.
First the back of it needs to be slid into a track in the middle of the tent’s base plate. Took both of us to do this: one pushing and the other one pulling.

Next the remaining sides need to be zipped to the tent …
… all we have to do then is to strap it down …
… and READY is our waterproof living room!
We definitely have to do something about this chaos inside the Caddy.

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