Early Bird Scenario

We and “Early Birds”???? Definitely not voluntarily!!!

But in (sub)tropical summer, once in a while, we may want to leave our campsite at sunrise (or even earlier), to hit the road before it gets too hot (the Caddy does not have A/C).

As of now, folding the tent, putting on the transportation cover, strapping it down and getting ready to move takes AT LEAST half an hour – and it’s a lot of work. No way to do that before our first coffee and before sunrise!!!

SOLUTION? Pack the tent in the evening and spend the last night inside the Caddy. We worked hard to reduce our “Chaos in Boxes” and get the interior organized.

Proud to present the results:

Just to “experiment” and to see how we could do it, we cut down an old foam mattress into 3 pieces.
I covered them with some cheap stretchy material, just to see if this would serve the purpose – without extra expenses.
We put the upper boxes (right side) in the middle “aisle” and fitted the mattress pieces on top.
We then put on sheets to make it the perfect bed.
NOT REALLY. The space of 160 x 125 cm is not what you’d call “comfortable” for two adults.
BUT it serves the purpose .

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