Breakfast! Lunch! Dinner!

Coffee, for me is the most important “meal” of the day to get started. Norbert, as well likes to start his day with coffee.

We have a “Bialetti” espresso maker (12 cup, largest version available). We use the same ratio ground coffe/water as in our conventional machine at home. Tastes different but still good.

For breakfast we like to fry eggs in little cast iron pans… and serve it still sizzling.

As far as lunch or dinner is concerned: on every Argentine camp ground you will find barbecue pits. All you need is some wood (or charcoal) and meat (or what ever) to put on the rack.

This is NOT ours! I copied this pic from internet. But our coffee maker looks just like that. Only we don’t have such a beautiful and romantic fire place. We just use a normal camping gas stove.

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