How to get there

A couple of years ago, in the South of Argentina, we met a German couple, traveling through South America in their van with German licence plates. Curious, as we are, we wanted to know how they got there.

The women told us, that they had shipped their mobile home through “Seabridge”.

We also ended up booking the passage with Seabridge.

 Mid November (2019) Norbert will accompany our Caddy with roof tent on the “Grande Amburgo” to Montevideo.

4 weeks without Wifi and without wife! Haha. I will take the short way from London to Buenos Aires with Norwegian Airlines.

For shipping, the tent will have to be put inside the car. Considering the measurements of the tent and the space available inside the car, we knew, it would be very, very tight. At first trial, the tent could only be put in somewhat diagonally, which would have left less space for the boxes.

So Norbert removed the more than 2 cm thick wooden floor board and the carpet underneath. He replaced it with thin cork padding and a  high quality board of less than 1 cm. The barely 2 cm difference did the trick! Now the tent fits inside upright for transportation.

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