Keeping Cool

Our Caddy does not have air conditioning and I could not convince Norbert to install one. 

But at least we have a wonderful and well functioning refrigerator. Well, not like the one at home, more like a cooler box. But it is a compressor fridge which can be operated through the car’s 12V connection (while driving), our solar panel (while parking on a sunny camp ground) or a batterie (cloudy/rainy days and at night). In reality we mostly run it on the batterie, which we recharge with the solar panel or 12V while driving.

This batterie is really good. It can be charged with 12V, solar panel or in a “normal” 230V outlet. (Of course batteries like these are available for stateside voltage as well). The great thing is that we can connect about anything to it. It has several USB outlets and regular household 230V outlets (max 300W). We can even operate our smoothie maker on tour.

We also have another much smaller batterie, with much less capacity but also much less weight. We keep it next to our mattress at night. It stores enough power to charge all our equipment (cell phones, tablets ..) during the night, has a built in lamp and also can be charged through 12V, solar panel or 230V, whenever available.

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