Leaving Germany

Yesterday was my last day at work. Thanks to all my wonderful colleagues! I hope to see all of you again next April.

In 4 days (Wednesday) I will take British Airways and leave Germany via Gatwick. Norbert, according to the latest schedule update, will not arrive in Montevideo until the week before Christmas.  So, why do I leave so much earlier?

Here is the explanation: Originally Norbert (and the Caddy) were booked on the “Grande America”, scheduled to leave Hamburg first days of November, estimated arrival early December.

I, at that time, thought it would be a good idea to use Norbert’s ocean travelling time (after all, at least 4 weeks) for a visit to China and Taiwan, leaving from and returning to London-Gatwick. Seemed perfect, then, that I could book a direct flight to Buenos Aires from Gatwick for the unbeatable price of € 245, arrival in Bs.As, Novemer 22.

Well, on 10 March 2019, the “Grande America” caught fire while traveling the Atlantic Ocean between France and Spain on its route from Hamburg (Germany) to Casablanca (Morocco), and sank 15,000 feet into the Bay of Biscay on 12 March. Luckily, the 27 people on board were rescued after they had abandoned the ship and boarded a lifeboat on 11 March.

Of course, I did not take this picture myself. Thanks to the photografer!!!

Subsequently Norbert (plus Caddy) was rebooked onto the “Grande Nigeria”, scheduled to leave Hamburg the second week of November. 

Since the end of June, however, the “Grande Nigeria” remains detained in the harbor of Dakar for alleged drug trafficing. 

Now it’s supposed to be the “Grande Amburgo”, ETS Nov. 18, 2019.


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