Good Old England

I spent the first night of my vacation in a wonderful Airbnb about halfway between Heathrow Airport and London. Conveniently I could take a direct bus from the airport to the Worcester Park. It was supposed to be about one hour, due to traffic it ended up to be one and a half.

It was dark, cold, windy and drizzling when I arrived there about 6 pm. It took me about 15 min. to walk to my accommodation. I dropped my luggage and walked off again to grab a bite to eat and for a beer.

Just about a block away I found a little tavern called “Northern End”. It was warm and dry there, they had beer and delicious “cheesy garlic bread”. What else would I need?

Next morning I got up early – bright sunshine! No cloud in sight. Time to explore this little town.
Here a few pictures I took in this lovely, lively area:

Impresssion of the busy main street. About half a mile long.
The red phone cells have become rare, but the famos doubledecker busses and mailboxes survive

In the afternoon I took a walk to the park – the “Nonsuch Park” (British humor???).
Here are some pictures:

It has an old mansion in the middle, but else than that just pure nature

About 6 pm I went towards the station for my bus back to Heathrow to catch my flight to China.

This was not my bus, but it looked the same. Mine was called X26

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