While I am enjoying the Far East sunshine and warmth, poor Norbert is stuck with preparing the Caddy (and the apartment!) all by himself.

I know it is a lot of work and at times I have kind of a bad conscience about leaving him all alone with that. But then again, I think I might be more of a disturbance, especially when it comes to apartment.

The departure of the Grande Amburgo was postponed again for another week. It was supposed to leave then on Thursday, Nov. 21. Norbert accordingly booked a hotel in Hamburg for the last night. On Wednesday they announced that the departure would not be until Friday. Luckily the hotel could be rebooked.

Car liability insurance for Argentina and most surrounding countries is arranged and paid for (Roby Speiser, Buenos Aires).
Norbert installed a GPS tracking system in the car
and a surveillance camera in the house. The health assurance is taken care off…

Everything well strapped down. Hopefully it will pass the harbour inspection
Of the Caddy’s mascot will travel, too


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