Back to Europe

I had a very relaxing flight back to London. The plane was half empty, so I had an entire row of three seats to myself.

I landed in Heathrow after night fall.

London short before my arrival in Heathrow

I had reserved an Airbnb about halfway between Heathrow and Gatwick. (My flight to Buenos Aires would leave from Gatwick).
Sophie and her husband Carl were very accommodating and helpful with everything. They have 4 cats and several chicken. All the animals were rescued from certain death or suffering.
The cats are all very old, each of them suffering some sort of health issue. The oldest one is the Persian “grandpa” with 19 years of age.

My favorite: The Persian Grandpa

Her chickens were rescued from the frying pan, when after 1 1/2 years in a laying battery it was decided that their productivity was then insufficient.
In Sophie’s garden they can enjoy another one or two years of their lives, contributing in exchange to a delicious beakfast with eggs from really happy chicken.

Sophie said, that this picture was taken short after she got them from the indoor egg farm, so some were a little bald.

I spent the next two days just relaxing and preparing myself for the 14 hour flight to Buenos Aires.

Due to jet lag I woke up early enough to enjoy the early morning view out of my window.

I almost forgot one of the best things in Sophie’s house:
The gorgeous bathtub! The night before I left I thoroughly enjoyed my probably last bath for the next half year.

When I took a walk through the small town, I was surprised by the abundance of fresh fruits and veggies presented in the (mainly Indian) shops.

And if it were not for the cold and windy weather, I could have imagined myself in Buenos Aires, considering the palm trees in front of some of the houses.

My plane with Norwegian left about 21:30. Sophie had ordered an Uber to take me to the tram station. From there I went with tram and train directly to Gatwick.
Check-in went smooth and fast. Only, I had nearly double the weight (my board trolley and my little backpack) so I had to pay to check in my trolley. Tough luck, I should have checked this before.

I took on board a portion of couscous, some cheese snack and 2 bottles of water bought after security. Definitely enough for the 14 hour flight.
Their Boing 787 (Norwegian calls it “Dreamliner”) is a very modern plane. You place orders directly through the touch screen in front of you.
The best thing, however: They provide free internet access during the flight. Not fast enough to really do any surfing, but enough to surprise Norbert with a late night Whatsapp. I even succeeded sending a couple of pictures.

We landed punctually in Ezeiza at 8 in the morning

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  1. It was a pleasure having you to stay Christina, you’ve made Morden look more attractive than I imagined it could be in your photos! Mannie (grandpa cat) sends his love. Best wishes and happy travels xx

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