¡GRANDE AMBURGO! … por fin …

About the same time I left London for Buenos Aires, Norbert got notice, that the Grande Amburgo was expected in Hamburg next day.
More than one week later than originally scheduled!
He spent the night in a hotel near the harbour.
Next day the cars were loaded aboard. The passengers were assigned their cabins. Everything went smooth, ready to leave the harbour in the afternoon.

For whatever reason, however, (only God, the harbour administration and the ship’s master may know) the departure was postponed at least another day.
Well, this gave the passengers (7 in total) the opportunity for a harbour tour next morning and a last “Fischbrötchen” at the fish market.

Late next morning (Buenos Aires time), I was just having breakfast in our usual café in Vicente Lopez, I received the following WhatsApp:

Et jet lohoos

My answer:

Ich habe nur ne weiße Serviette zum Winken 😭😭😭 

Next stop: Le Havre/France

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