Buenos Aires

The whole airport, like last year, still resembles one huge construction site. I had hoped, that at least the outside terrace of the cafeteria was finished by now. But NO.
So I had to go to the small food court on the upper level to take the usual Quilmes-Welcome-Selfie.

The line at the passport control had been terribly long and had moved slowly. So by the time I got to the bus stop it was past 10 o’clock. Together with a number of other passengers I waited more than half an hour for a bus to come. It turned out to be one of the “slow” busses, that stop at every lantern and the driver advised us that it would take about 2,5 hours to get downtown. Nevertheless, I got on.
At about half the distance (at the Liniers train station) I got off, remembering that somewhere around here a direct and fast bus was leaving for my destination. While trying to find the respectiv bus stop, I passed by some guys in front of a “Remis”-station (sort of a private taxi service). I asked for the price to take me to our friends house. It was very acceptable, and I decided that after the long flight, I deserved a comfortable ride. For not even Ar$ 400 (€ 6) he took me to the door steps.

This year I am not staying with Pau and Leandro. They had moved to another part of Vicente Lopez and now need the second bedroom for their sweet little daughter Irupé, who just turned one year a couple of month ago. But, of course, I went to visit them next day, to say hello and see how big the little cutie has become since I last saw her.

Instead I stay with Isabel and Daniel, who had visited us in Berlin a year ago. They live in Belgrano, but in walking distance to the place where Pau and Leandro had lived before.
Their house is quite big and since all of their kids have moved out, they use the space for public monthly concerts and performances.

This weekend they had two women story tellers and a band from Brasil. EXCELLENT.
The house filled quickly with neighbours and friends, must have been about 50 or more!

I only stayed 3 days Buenos Aires and then moved on to Córdoba.

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