Jetsmart to Córdoba

I had booked my flight with Jetsmart (, one of the budget airlines leaving from “El Palomar” ( a small airport practically in the middle of the city (although geografically outside the city limits). My friends kind of frowned, these airlines do not have a good reputation.

However, I was impressed.
Jetsmart advertises with the slogan: “You only pay for what you use”. I had paid € 30 for a seat and one small piece of luggage (they say “bolsa de mano”, which literally means “hand bag”). Well, I had two: a “hand bag” with my cloths and my quite heavy backpack with my tablet, cell phones, camera, power pack and all the various chargers and adapters and so on, plus my cosmetic bag. After my experience with Norwegian, I went straight up to the check-in counter, presented my luggage. The woman looked at it, and then decided that the two pieces were small enough each to go through as one. WOW. Lucky me!
The seats were simple, grey leatherette covered, no head cushion or neck support and they did not recline. But they had normal width with normal, short distance leg space. For Ar$ 700 (about € 11), to be paid in cash on board, I could have had an extra spacious first row or emergency exit seat. There is no kind of entertainment or gimmicks like USB chargers. Beverages and snacks are being offered, but need to be paid for (cash only, Ar$ or US$). I found the prices more than reasonable: coffee and soft drinks less than € 2, hot water for mate or tea € 1,20, a large beer € 2,80.
The plane was clean, left and arrived punctually, the staff was friendly.
What else do you need for a 1 hour 20 minute flight?

Angeles picked me up at the bus stop. In the evening her mom and aunt also came to say hello. We enjoyed a nice chat and a couple of beers together.
I felt very welcome.

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