Córdoba, Córdoba

Very spontaneously I bought myself a bike.
I was walking back to Angeles’ home from the city. At 35°C and with a heavy bag full of goodies I had bought, walking uphill, I passed a little bike shop.
The owner, Walter, very nice and communicative, had a couple of used bikes at reasonable prices. One of them, a blue city bike (no gearshift) in seemingly good condition caught my attention. But I could not make up my mind yet.
I sat down for a beer in the next pub to think about it. By the time I called Walter to let him know that I would take the bike, he had closed his shop for siesta.
A bit after 16:00 then, I was proud owner of this beautiful vehicle.

Next day I took it for a first ride – downtown to “Mercado Norte” – to get some things I needed to make my “famous” potatoe salad, that Angeles had asked me to prepare for a big barbecue the coming weekend in their house in Cabalango.
The bike worked fine. Okay, downtown from “Alta Cordoba” is mainly downhill. The seat proved kind of worn and uncomfortable, though.
On the way there, close to the market, I passed by a rather big bike shop. I asked for the price of a comfortable seat (Ar$ 350 = € 5,00) – and they would install it on the spot.
I ended up having them “pimp” my bike not only with the seat, but also put on a new stand, new pedals and a speedometer.
Great thing, too, that I could leave my bike there, not having to worry about a safe place, while I was strolling about the market and its surroundings.

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