Still Córdoba …

…. and I am beginning to feel very lonely.
I have been fighting the boredom by going downtown shopping (more like window shopping) and searching the internet and some neighbourhood real estate offices for possible properties in the area.
I must have contacted dozens of offices, only very few of them even bothered to answer. I looked at a few houses, but either they were in bad conditon, too expensive, in a bad neighbourhood or …, or …, or …
Saturday one of the real estate guys sent me a message suggesting we meet Sunday morning and he would show me a few houses. Fine! I couldn’t think of anything better to do anyhow.
So, Dimas and his companion picked me up at the bus terminal of Carlos Paz (about 30 minutes by car from Córdoba). The two guys not only showed me various properties, but also gave me an extensive tour around the San Roque Lake
and its many tourist attractions. We stopped at the Plaza Federal, supposed to be the geographical center of Argentina and had lunch in a Parrilla (grill restaurant) with traditional life music and excellent steak.
We really had a great time.

But, ¡my goodness! The houses they showed me! There was something wrong with each and every one of them. One had a bathroom only on the upper floor, reachable only through a winding stair case that made you dizzy by just looking at it. The next one definitely needed a new kitchen, another one a new roof.

Until we stopped by this little jewel, that you can see above. Admittedly, somewhat in the middle of nowhere, the next bus stop and a small store about a 20 minute walk downhill, the next restaurant about half an hour.
But with enough space for our Caddy, very quiet, with a wonderful garden and ready for us to move in tomorrow.
I am afraid, I fell in love.

We looked at two more houses afterwards, which was a pure waste of time.

This little river passes about 500 m by the house
It’s not deep enough to really swim, but cool and clean

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