After 4 or 5 days of crossing the ocean I finally got a call from Norbert. They were anchoring, or rather drifting, about 40-50 km off the Brazilian coast waiting for the okay to enter the harbour.

Every time they drifted too far off coast, the engines were started (which I could follow on ““), to get closer to the harbour again.
THEN they usually had signal, at least enough to make a call, until the captain had the engines turned off and they drifted once again out of internet coverage.

This sort of funny “off and on” communication lasted a couple of days before the “Grande Amburgo” finally set sails for Vitoria – again with delay.

Projected arrival in Montevideo now is the 2nd of January.

Three of the passengers, who had been travelling without cars, had decided to leave the ship in Suape and catch a flight, trying to make it home to Germany before Christmas.

Rain in Brazil
Last picture upon departure ….
…. and latest position received

Next stop: Vitòria

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