… and what’s going on in Córdoba?

Luckily it’s not raining like this all the time!

Although we will be travelling most of the time, we do not feel like born nomads. We (or maybe mainly “I”?) need some sort of solid base camp to come home to whenever we need a pause. Yes, we have a number of friends in various parts of the country, where we always feel welcome. But of course, a place of your own is still different.

So we decided to buy this little “jewel” that I already wrote about. https://www.our-roof-tent-adventures.com/index.php/2019/12/18/still-cordoba

While Norbert is still on the way to Montevideo, I rented a room in “Villa Parque Síquiman”, about a block away from the house. With the help of the guy from the real estate office, I am trying to get all the preliminaries done, so that we can hopefully close the deal at the notary’s office soon.

Meanwhile I am relaxing at the pool, take long walks, enjoy the weather and the beautiful nature around here.

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