What happened in the past four weeks????

Norbert finally arrived in Montevideo January 2 and at least HIS roof tent adventure began.
Getting the car on solid ground and from there through customs and immigrations was no problem.

Skyline of Montevideo, as it presents itself from the harbour
After 6 weeks at sea FINALLY solid ground beneath the wheels

First stop was a camp site about an hour drive eastwards of Montevideo.
It also is kind of a “baby sitting” place for mobile homes and cars if their owners need to leave them for some time.
Norbert and some of the other guys who came on the ship, used the facilities to prepare their vehicles for the further travels.

First night on the camp ground

After 6 weeks on “Grimaldi-Diet” (lots of excellent pizza and pasta and wine, but no sweets and no desserts) it was time to make up.

Little sweet buns called “facturas”

Next stop was a nice camp ground on the Rio Uruguay, near the Argentine border.

Next day:
First Argentine breakfast.

…. and another coffe on the road

Next stop was a camp ground near Rosario/Santa Fe.

Beautiful and romantic …
… and fisherman’s and mosquito’s paradise

As quiet and romantic as it looks, a heavy storm in the middle of the night forced Norbert to pack the tent (wet as it was) and spend the rest of the night inside the car.

Last stretch to Cordoba:
Another 500 km.

more coffee ….
… and some “picadas”


The following three weeks we enjoyed our new “second home”, improved it a bit and prepared for future travels.

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