Finally, on the Road

A couple of days after Pau, Lean and Iru had left we loaded the Caddy and headed North.
First stop was a camp site next to the “Embalse de Olta”.
The place was full of people who spent the wonderful hot and sunny Saturday with friends and family, enjoying barbeque and the cool and clean water.
We were the only ones who stayed for the night.
The people in charge of the camp ground were real nice and uncomplicated.
But aside from a small selection of beverages and crackers which they sold in their little “kiosko”, there were no services what so ever.
The toilets were so terrible, that I decided not to use them. Showers or even a wash basin and faucet with running water did not exist.
So I had to resort to “Plan B”: I hung up our checkered “Pferdedecke” (“horse blanket”) and put our portable toilet bucket with a composable plastic bag and cat litter behind it.
The afternoon sun heated my shower water in a black water bag to nearly 45°C within a few hours. Again the blanket protected my privacy.

Sunday morning we had the lake all to ourselves.

After two days we moved on to Sanagasta. We went to a nice camp ground in the middle of the town.

It was Monday and we were one of only 3 or 4 campers on the ground.
However, right next to the entrance we noticed a huge stage and enough chairs stacked up to seat more than a hundred people. The owner confirmed that on weekends they have some sort of “dinner shows” with barbeque and live music. So if you look for a quiet place, you should not come here on weekends.

There were dozens of fruit trees on the premises. We found peaches and pomgranates and oranges (not ripe yet), quince and apple and walnut trees. The plums, figs and grapes were ready to be harvested. We made sure, we picked enough for our next day trip.

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