Home Sweet Home

First thing Norbert and Esteban (a very nice guy, who I got to know through the previous owners) did, was to raise the car entrance, so that the Caddy with tent could pass.

We decided to make the veranda our bedroom. This part of the house was originally just a covered terrace. The walls were added later. Now it is a wonderful airy space, with windows all around.

This leaves the other two bedrooms for guests. :=)
Well, at least one of them. The other one we use to store all the thing we don’t need when we’re not travelling.

Our guest room

Friends from Buenos Aires announced that they would want to visit us for a few days. GREAT!!!
So we moved the queensize bed back into the guest room and decided to order a bed, somewhat bigger, especially made for our veranda, according to the measurements we gave them.
Within one week it was made and delivered,

This is what it looked like the day before delivery
This picture was taken right after they delivered it and set it up. Solid wood and very, very heavy
It is sooo comfortable! We love it.

Next day our friends arrived. We had a real good time. Talking, playing with their little girl, enjoying barbeque and music.

Norbert and Leandro getting the grill ready
Also trying to get the brick oven going
After the good meal: excellent music!

Else than that, we just enjoyed the house and the garden.
The past three years nobody really lived in the house. Appears that it had only been used for some weekend parties and barbeques.
The garden, which under the original owners was “a dream of colors and flowers” (according to the judgment of the next door neighbor) was now totally overgrown with weeds. Many of the shrubs and bushes and some of the trees were dead.
With the help of a neighbor and his son we got rid of some junk in the back yard, trimmed the hedges and cut the grass.

The only flower on what once must have been a wonderful rose hedge covering the entire fence. Now there are only dead branches left.

A few more pictures :

… waiting for dinner
… waiting for heat
Joining the neighborhood work force to do some cleanup

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