Way back down

After taking a few more pictures at the peak of the pass we decided to head back down.
A couple of hundred meters before again reaching the Argentine border control (we could already see the buildings) we spotted a sign: Termas “Las Grutas” 200 m. It was early afternoon and we thought we have the time to explore what this was about.
After driving about half a kilometer into the nowhere, we actually saw a tiny building with a tin roof. Inside there were two small benches and a hole in the ground filled with water. It was dark and everything looked abandoned and not very trustworthy.

I took a walk around the building trying to find the origin of the hot waters. It was easy, you could hear and see the water bubbling all around. I stuck my feet in one of the creeks and found the surfacing water real hot.

Of course we had to once again pass the border control to re-enter Argentina.
But what a disaster! Short before us a large group of bikers from Chile had arrived and a huge line had formed outside the immigration office. After a while we noticed that the line was not moving. We found out that there was a power outage and the guy at the only counter was sitting there in front of his black screen waiting for the electricity to come back on. Next problem was a guy who could only present a broken ID card! After about 2 hours it was about our turn. Just then arrived a guy whose wife was on cruches. Of course, they had priority.
Well, exactly THREE YEARS FROM NOW we will jump all the lines in this country.

For a moment we considered to continue our way through Chile. But knowing their strict border control in respect to fruits and vegetables (and our whole refrigerator was full of them!) we discarded that idea.
By the time we got our “re-entry-stamps” in our passports it was late afternoon and too late to travel far. So we spent another night in that oversized hotel along the road.

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