Raindrops Start Fallin’

From Cortaderas we went towards the camp ground of Andolucas.
Since several days the weather forecast had predicted heavy rainfalls, but so far we only saw the dark clouds above the mountains or the horizon and it stayed dry.

On the way we stopped in “Copacabana” (just for the name of it), a very small roadside settlement. We had a coffee, a little snack and a nice chat in a small cafe/hostel next to the road. Everything looked colorful and inviting and was very clean. Surely recommendable!

The camp site of Andolucas was a recommendation of friends. Indeed it was very nice, amidst of a lot of cool, clean water.
Bathrooms and showers were clean and there were enough of them. There were picnick tables and barbeque pits (as usually), some of them with a roof.

To access the camp ground, however, Norbert had to cross the little river 2 times!!! Okay, it was not very deep and the ground well prepared with concrete, but still I was so scared, that I closed my eyes and forgot to take pictures.

In the evening it started to rain. It kept raining all through the night, not much but constantly.
We had our breakfast on one of the covered picknick tables and then had to close the tent wet.
We were lucky that the water in the little river had not yet risen so much and we could get back on the road without problems.

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