Sleeping in the Rain

Next we headed for San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca. We had spent a couple of nights there last year and found the town center very nice and the people extremely friendly.
Meanwhile it kept drizzling continuously.
Our maps showed a public camp ground a few kilometers outside of town, apparently on a peninsula in the river El Tala.

By the time we got there, getting lost a few times in the terrible streets (damaged or absent pavement, potholes and ditches all over), it was late afternoon.
By then the ongoing rain had caused the little river to turn into a stream of considerable size and it was impossible to set over to the camp ground.

Next chance: “Camping El Portezuelo” on the other side of town.

Again we struggeled through the streets of Catamarca.
When we got there, the guys who managed the camp ground were just about to leave. We were the only guests.
We were told that the site had been abandoned for several years and that the new owners had just begun to fix it up again.
Because of the constantly rising waters in all the creeks and rivers of the area only the upper part of the camp ground was accessible. We found a nice place with solid ground on top of a small hill next to the bathroom building.

Shortly after we had set up the tent, it began to rain really heavy. We went to bed and tried to sleep. All night it continued raining cats and dogs.
In the morning we found about 100 liters of water (or more) collected in a ditch that had formed on our roof. The weight had caused our ladder to sink about 10 cm into the ground.
Not to imagine what would have happend if the ground had been less firm!

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