Blame It on the Rain!

Overflow of the dam at “El cadillal”

We then went north to spend a night near “El Cadillal”, a reservoir near San Miguel de Tucuman.
The map indicated about 5 camp grounds around the lake.
All the camp sites were closed, because due to the ongoing rain the ground was so soaked, that camping was impossible.
We took a room in one of the many recreation areas, operated by the “Union of Custodial Employees”.

Despite the lousy weather we drove up to the lake. The mountains were shrouded in clouds. As was to be expected, the chairlift did not operate.
We took a couple of pictures and a short video of the overflow.
Next morning we left early to head for the city of Salta.

We read in the paper next morning, that in the evening they had opened the valves of the dam in an effort to release pressure.
Well, one spectacular event we missed. But here’s a link:

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