After the Rain …

… we were now hoping for some sunny days, but the weather stayed changeable and cloudy and it always looked as if it would start raining again soon.
We decided to drive south towards Rosario de la Frontera for a couple of relaxing days in the termal spa there.

The weather forecast promised cloudy skys but no rain for the next couple of days. We trusted the weatherman and asked the guy at the reception desk if we could open the tent on the parking ground to let it dry overnight. Luckily, he did not have any objections.
The weatherman kept his promise until the next evening, enough time for the tent to dry and for us to enjoy the warm outdoor pool (35°C). In the afternoon we tried the hot thermal baths (indoor) and a massage.

We stayed 2 days. The room was nice and clean, breakfast (for Argentine standards) very good.

I could well imagine coming back here for a few more relaxing days.

¡Hasta luego!

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