Long Way Home

Google said, we were only about two and a half hours from home. We had left our “cabaña” early and the weather had cleared up. Good chance to take a little detour and pass by the “Pan de Azucar”, a tourist attraction with a chair lift up the mountain, about 15 km from the house.
The last 20 or 30 km before the “Pan de Azucar” turned out to be a plain desaster. It is probably a lot of fun to take this stretch with a 4×4 or an off-road motorbike, but with our normal car hardly manageable: a narrow, winding dirt road, sandy, full of potholes, steep and with very tight curves.

Thanks to Norbert’s driving skills we got there safely after about 2 or 3 hours.
Admittedly, the road led through a very nice, green mountain range, but I was so stressed, that I did not take any pictures.

Norbert took a ride up the “Sugar Hill”, I did not dare to. I had a nice walk around the base station instead, took some pictures and picked a few herbs for our tea.

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