I Guess We Are the Lucky Ones

I am writing this in late March. We are back in the house since about a month now. Since last week we also have internet!

Things have changed a lot in the past 4 weeks.
CORONA has changed a lot of things in the past 4 weeks.

WE WERE SO LUCKY to get back in time.
The day after we got back, a German friend, who had travelled on the “Grande Amburgo” with Norbert, came to visit us.
With his cute red VW-Bus (more than 30 years old!) he had meanwhile been all the way to Ushuaia and Fireland, through the southern part of Chile and to Mendoza.
He had a lot to talk about and a lot of interesting pictures of his journey to show.

Norbert and Fritz also put in great effort and cut a couple of big branches off the tree in the backyard.
It was hard work for them, but I had a great time watching them, too!

The following weekend (Carnival/Mardi Gras) friends from Santa Fe joined us. I think Ana, Santi and Tomi really enjoyed our little creek.

SURELY we all enjoyed the wonderful barbeque. In their cooler they had brought a huge fish with them, all the way from Santa Fe. The fish is locally called “boga” and DELICIOUS. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Megaleporinus_obtusidens

Only bones and smiling faces left

The following weekend more of Norbert’s friends from the “Grande Amburgo” came to stay with us.
Joy and Karim travel in their huge “Steyr”, an old Swiss military vehicle turned into a mobile home. They, also, had been to Patagonia and Chile.

All three cars, with drivers, in front of our house. Norbert is missing, because he is taking the picture.

Norbert and I really enjoyed the “full house” and the common breakfasts in the morning. I am pretty sure, our guests as well.

Breakfast idyll with “Lucho”, our favorite neighborhood dog

This all was, before we had internet installed in the house. To get signal to make phone calls we had to walk about 100 meters uphill, for 4G about 200m. Next place with WiFi is the filling station “Axion”, about 3 km down the road.
So, after breakfast, we usually got in the car and went to Axion. They have a nice cafeteria, good café con leche and medialunas.
Get into the car??? Which car?
Fritz’s red VW is a two-seater with only a bed in the back, the Steyr is too big and it really is a hassle getting her back on the road from the parking. So, we all jumped into our two-seater-caddy. Two on the seats in front, three on an improvised bench in the back.

Of course we had another big barbeque the following weekend.
In the next bigger town, Villa Carlos Paz, Norbert and Fritz had met a German speaking Argentine woman, Amina. Her husband, Armin, also grew up in a German speaking family. Very nice and interesting people. Of course they were invited, too.

From left to right: Me, Armin, Amina, Karim, Fritz, Joy.
Norbert, as usual, missing.

A great surprise the next Monday morning was a white pick-up truck stopping in front of our gate. At first glance I did not recognize the people.
It were Ana’s parents from Santa Fe, who had been for a weekend in Carlos Paz, and decided to drop by to say hello, before getting on the way back home.
How wonderful to see them! Too bad, we did not take a selfie!
In 2 weeks we would pass by their house on our way to Buenos Aires. We agreed to celebrate that with a big barbeque in their beautiful home.

Well, this all happened, before the Corona crises really got worse.

Last social activity so far, was a visit to the house of our friend Angeles in Cabalango. Her family has a nice little weekend house there, with an exellent barbeque pit and a great pool with spectacular view of the mountains.

After barbeque, apple pie and “mate tea” on the way to the pool

Norbert is obviously enjoying it all the way.

But, of course, he is not the only one.

Finally: A selfie including the fotografer

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