Everything’s Changing

For nearly everyone on Earth, the virus has changed life tremendously, for some more, for some less. But hardly anyone will get by unaffected, aside perhaps from some indigenous folks or others who, for what ever reason, live self-sustained and isolated from the rest of the world.
WE love to connect with other people, make friends, love to travel, get to know other cultures and ways of life and write about our experiences.

¿¿¿AND NOW???

We are stuck in Villa Parque Síquiman, a small community about 50 km west of Córdoba. Since about 3 weeks the entire country is under mandatory quarantine – and there is no end in sight. Next weekend is Easter, holidays which we wanted to celebrate with friends and family in Berlin – and finally get to know Liam, Norbert’s first grandson, born New Year’s Day, while grandpa was still on the ship to Argentina.
Our flights got canceled, the borders are closed.


We evaluated our options. The German government had arranged for flights to take citizens back to Germany. All those flights leave from Buenos Aires – about 800 km from here. Public transportation is practically non-existent at the moment. Taking our own car is no option, either. Aside from the strict road controls because of the quarantine: Where would we leave the Caddy, once in Buenos Aires??? The car’s permission in this country is tied to Norbert’s tourist visa. The car needs to be out of the country also, if Norbert leaves.
Normal option would have been to drive the car to Uruguay, where it legally can be stored up to 12 months. But the borders are closed!
To make this short:


…until they reopen the borders and we can “normally” return to Berlin.

From now on the purpose of this blog will be to inform family and friends (and of course all others who are interested) as to how we are coping with and adapting to the current situation.

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