Life Goes On

“Lucho” belongs to some neighbours about a block away. But he comes to visit us every day and thoroughly enjoys the “Streicheleinheiten” he gets from Norbert
Of course he also likes the little breakfast snacks we have for him.

The “aislamiento social preventivo y obligatorio”, which has been going on since the 20th of March was extended at least until after Easter, means that you cannot meet with friends. When I talk to the neighbour we do this across the fence or gate, trying to keep the recommended distance of 1.5 m. When we go grocery shopping Norbert stays in the car and I enter the line in front of the little supermarket (called “minimercado”) here, putting on my facial mask. The wearing of a protection is not yet officially mandatory, but many stores require it before you can enter.

So we mostly stay at home, keeping busy around the house and garden.
The house is built out of bricks, but not insulated. It’s beginning to get quite chilly here in the evenings now. Winter is on its way. The leaves are falling and temperatures at night have dropped down to 6°C. Luckily we have a fire place. Firewood is pretty cheap around here, and the good thing is, you can also use the embers to grill the chicken.


We’re not the only ones enjoying the warmth.

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