Easter decoration as we know it in Germany seems to be totally unknown here. No Easter Bunnies or chocolate chicken in any store, no decorative napkins either.
To generate at least a little “Easter feeling” I filled some eggshells with plaster, colored them with nail polish, permanent markers and Norbert’s orange car paint and hung them up in the front yard.

Good thing is that the weather here right now is somewhat like one would expect it in European spring.
I colored some boiled eggs for breakfast with curcuma, red beets and some food coloring I found in one of the stores.

Norbert collected some moss and constructed a wonderful Easter Nest.

For Sunday breakfast I baked an “Osternest”- raisin bread and decorated the table with what we had.
Well, Easter at home is different.
But this one still was very nice!
We hope, you all enjoyed your Easter as well.

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