A Tour of the House

Easter weekend they announced that the mandatory quarantine will go on another 2 weeks (minimum!). That means, we will continue to spend most of our time at home. That also means, that most of what I will post will focus on what is going on in and around our house.
So I thought it would be a good idea to give you guys a tour of the house.

This is a rough drawing of the house. The measurements are not exact, I only estimated. Just so you have an idea of the layout.

Let’s start with the guest room: It’s facing east and very light. Obviously we do not use it, but I hope our guests have enjoyed the morning sunshine in their room.

…..if you don’t like the sunshine, you can close the shutters.

The second bedroom is what I call the “junk room” (“Rumpelkammer”). It’s facing the garden. There is a huge tree in front of the window and sunshine hardly enters the room. It is definitely the coolest room in the house. It also is the only air conditioned room, which may be very useful during the summer months.
Fritz (Norbert’s friend from the “Grande Amburgo”), while he stayed with us, enjoyed the cool ambience.
Besides a bed, there’s the wardrobe in the room with the few clothes we brought. We’re also using the room now to store all the boxes that we needed while travelling.
Well, there will be no more travelling for quite some time.
We now call it “Rumpelkammer”, because we also use it to store things that we don’t use, but do not yet want to throw away.

I open the gate, so that Norbert can drive the car into the back yard – “Lucho” attentively watching.

Kitchen/Living: This is definitely the central room of the house, probably a bit bigger than it appears on the drawing (or the two bedrooms in reality are smaller).
The main entrance takes you directly into the living/dining area. There is the fire place, which we really love at this time of the year. There is a big dining table and a wonderful rustic cupboard.
The kitchen itself is very basic. There is a sink, a fridge and a washing machine. For cooking we have a one-flame gas burner and a tiny toaster oven (“Backöfchen”).

This is what you see, when you enter the house through our little front porch.

Through the Kitchen/Living you get to what we call our “veranda”. Originally it was only a covered terrasse, the walls were added later. We love this room, with its many windows all around and direct access to the garden. The part facing East we have made our bedroom.

The open door leads to the front porch and to the gate to the street.

The part facing West we use as a kind of dining room. We put our camping table and the folding chairs there. So we can have our afternoon coffee in the sunshine.

The door leads down to the garden and the carport.
The stairs to the garden
Norbert repairing the outside light behind the house
Due to the quarantine there is hardly any traffic on the street in front of the house. These two seem to have taken the opportunity to leave their pasture to explore the area.
… and some more adventureous guys

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