We Go Camping Again

It is May now, which is the equivalent of November in the northern hemisphere. The climate is mild here and we still have some quite warm and sunny days with temperatures of about 20°C. After so many weeks of ongoing quarantine we felt that we needed to go camping once again before winter sets in. Norbert suggested that for the first night we go to the “Valley of the Barking Dogs”, a small, little known and remote natural resort in the heart of Argentina. I had no objections.


Sometimes it goes on like this all night. The place is located a bit downhill. The acoustic is phenomenal around here – and the dogs seem to have conversation with their pals in the entire Barrio.

The following day we spent on the “Hill of the Hungry Hens”, equally small and remote.

After a couple of days we moved on to “Stormy Hights”. It’s a very nice place, a bit windy, but sunny and with good food.

Amidst the quarantine, the traffic police (“Policía Caminera”) would not even allow us to leave the town limits with our car.
BUT CAMPING WE REALLY DID. In our back yard.

And our garden really is a little natural resort. We have all kinds of butterflies and many other insects, a lot of birds, and also these cute little guys. Over here they are called “Cuys” or “Coys”. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Southern_mountain_cavy
They look somewhat like tiny Guinea pigs and I also think in fact they are related.

After the first beautiful sunny day, with predicted clear skies for the night as well, we knew it would get cold out there in the tent. But we didn’t expect THIS:

¡¡¡1.6 °C below zero!!! But we survived. Cuddling tightly and a good quilt did the trick.

The day greeted us with a bright blue sky again. Norbert used the sun to gather some warmth for the coming night.

And the chickens really are hungry all the time. And they are intelligent and know exactly where I keep their food. A little cardboard-barrier like this one turns out to be a joke for Pick-Pick.

Despite the strong winds, Norbert can enjoy the late afternoon sunshine.


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