“Do It Yourself”

For pastime we ordered ourselves some “toys” from Mercado Libre: an electric welding device for Norbert, a little sewing machine for me.
We had no specific projects in mind, but thought that those devices could be useful. In the past, I had sewn a few pieces of clothes for the kids and for myself. But that was a long time ago. Norbert had watched a few colleagues welding, but never learned how to do it himself.

Practice makes perfect 🙂

Norbert’s first welding project: putting feet under some metal frame that we found in the garden. We thought of using it to elevate the chicken stable.

Next: Making a dung fork for me to dig my compost

Norbert proudly presenting the finished compost fork.

Of course I had to try it right away!

¡¡¡The compost is alive!!!

My projects were a lot smaller:

A slipcover for my coffee cup …
… a mouth protection (“barbijo/tapaboca”) for Norbert…
… and a pillowcase for myself.

Next I needed a meat tenderizer for my “Milanesa”. Norbert took a piece of firewood and worked it with a saw and grinder.

Works perfect!

“Milanesa” is something like a breaded German “Schnitzel” but made with beef (also sometimes with chicken meat).
It is usually served with two fried eggs on top. Norbert really likes it.

¡¡¡Bon Appetite!!!

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  1. liebe Christina😚 habe geschafft durch Webbrowser Chrom auf DE zu lesen.🤗😉&wollte noch sagen,dass ihr in Paradis lebt😚🤗Viel Spaß👍🌷🌼L G >>>Gity &Reza

  2. Ganz lieben Dank Gitti, für Deinen Komentar. Freut mich riesig, dass Euch unser Blog gefällt.
    Ich versuche jeden Freitag ein Update zu geben.
    Liebe Grüße in die Heimat 🙂

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