New Kitchen

The first two pictures show what the kitchen looked like, when we moved in. After I cleaned it, I had not problems using it – but it simply did not look very nice.

What bothered me the most, were those old, worn out roller blinds made of straw underneath the counter top.

Short before the quarantine, I talked to the guys who already had constructed our bed, to put doors underneath the kitchen sink to replace the roller blinds. I also ordered a new counter top.

The new doors were delivered and installed a few days later.

Due to the quarantine it then took more than two months for the counter top to arrive.

This is what it looked like after they took out the sink and removed the old counter top.
Half time. This is what my kitchen looked like, when the guys left in the evening.

But they came back next day to finish my kitchen.

With the piece of wood the guys had cut out of for the sink, Norbert made a wonderfull cutting board to cover the sink.

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    1. Ich freue mich auch. Mittlerweile hat Norbert auch noch einen 2er-Gasbrenner installiert. Ist jetzt fast perfekt. Hahaha.

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