Sanatorio San Patricio

One morning I got up with terrible pain in my left leg. Okay, “Hexenschuss” (sciatica), I thought. A hot water bottle and some good painkiller should help. It didn’t help! After 3 sleepless nights I decided to once again try the Argentine health system.
Upon recommendation of a friend, I went to the “Sanatorio San Patricio”, a polyclinic in Carlos Paz, about 10 km from our house. Without appointment I could see a general practicionar within half an hour.

Well, the waiting room was empty, also due to the Corona-restrictions.

She examined me, perscribed some quite heavy pain medication. ¡This one did help! She sent me for an x-ray (done immediately on the spot) and recommended to make another appointment with a specialist.
That appointment I got for next morning (which was a Saturday!).
The doctor (specialist of orthopedics and traumatology) thoroughly examinded me and judged by the x-rays that I also should go for a Magnetic Resonance Imaging.
For this I would have to go to Córdoba, about 50 km away. I contacted a diagnostic institute recommended by the polyclinic ( Monday morning (via WhatsApp) – and got an appointment for the next day.

Tuesday then, we went to Cordoba. We had to pass through 3 police controls. No problem. We only had to show them the WhatsApp from the “Instituto Oulton” and could drive on.

I arrived in the institute in time. Within half an hour I was called for the Magnetic Resonance Imaging.
Everything went very smooth and very professional.
I was provided a link to download the results (images) after 48 hrs.

Of course we also used the time in the City to enjoy the unusual freedom. 🙂
While I was inside the institute, Norbert enjoyed an outdoor coffee in the sunshine, and afterwards we did some shopping. Many stores were open, restaurants and street cafés unfortunately not yet.

By the way, the results could alreadyy be downloaded the next day!

Just like last year, when I had been to the “Sanitorio Francés” in the City of Córdoba, I have no complaints whatsoever about the medical attention I received: Prompt and friendly, competent and professional and – very important: effective.
Admittedly, the fact, that I got medical attention without having to wait, was (in part at least) due to the Corona-crises and the ongoing restrictions. That I pay privately and in cash probably also made it easier.
The health system here may have its shortcomings, but it definitely is not all that bad as some people think.
As far as I am concerned: both thumbs up!

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