Daily Routine

EARLY IN THE MORNING, the chickens wake us up, demanding that we open their fence, so that they can enjoy their freedom. Usually I listen to their complaints for a while, but get out of bed about half an hour later.

BREAKFAST: I prepare our “Bialetti”-Espressomaker (the one we used for camping) and put it on our little gas cooker. It takes quite a while for the coffee to get ready.
Meanwhile I go downstairs into the garden, feed the chickens and open their fence, so that they can run free in the garden. By the time I finish my morning bathroom routine, the coffee is ready as well.
Now Norbert also is awake and I serve him his coffee and usually a “medialuna” (or even some plum cake with whipped cream) to his bed. He then enjoys breakfast and reading his newspapers. Sometimes (especially on Mondays) he also watches his “Tatort”, a German criminal series, aired in Germany every Sunday at 8:15 pm. Internet reception simply is a lot better here in the morning!!!

I prefer the fresh air and the morning sun and have my coffee on our little front porch.

Sometimes the chickens want some of my breakfast as well

Two or three times a week we then go SHOPPING. First we drive to the guy who sells drinking water. He and his wife operate a tiny water purification plant in an annex of their house. The water is good and to refill one of our 10 l containers we only pay 35 pesos (about 0.50 €). In the grocery stores 6 l cost 100 pesos and the water comes in a plastic throw-away container.
Next stop is the minimercado called “SuperSiqui”. It is the best sorted grocery store in the area. Still it is very small and only 5 or 6 people are allowed to enter at a time. If we get there early, like before 10 am, there are only few people in line outside. But one time we got there around mid day and I waited more than an hour before I could go in to do my shopping!

When we get back, I prepare something for LUNCH. Many times just yesterday’s leftovers, or simply a salad.

Then I look after the chickens, give them a treat for mid day snack and clean their hut.

After that: SIESTA

In the AFTERNOON we always find something to do in or around the house.

Late afternoon we (well, more so Norbert) enjoy CAKE ‘N COFFEE in the dining area of our veranda. By that time, even if it may be cool and windy outside, often we can do so in plain sunshine.

At about 5:30 pm the chickens get their dinner and I close their fence. Less than an hour later they disappear into their hut. Short after sunset (now about 7 pm) I go downstairs and close the hatch to the henhouse. Good night, girls! SWEET DREAMS!

For DINNER I always try to “really” cook something. Well, we have enough time!!!
One day (I think it was a Sunday) I even cooked red cabbage (I had bought half a head of fresh cabbage in the vegetable store), with mash potatoes and roast beef (Rinderbraten). Hahaha, first time in my life.

Well, it possibly would not have met the expectations of Norbert’s mom or my mom. But it tasted very German.

We don’t have television and internet is too slow, especially in the evening, to stream movies. It usually works, though, to listen to the “Tagesschau” (German TV evening news), even if the pictures are not being transmitted.
IN THE EVENINGS Norbert sometimes also watches Argentine soap operas, here called “tele novelas”. Those also can usually be watched without too many interuptions.
I’m occupying myself with this blog or just do some surfing, as far as the connection allows.

When we are tired, WE GO TO BED. Our bedroom is wonderfully fresh and airy – the cool air comes through all the cracks around and under and above the windows and doors. But this really suits us. At least in Berlin we are acustomed to sleeping on our balcony all year round. It’s a similar feeling now over here. Luckily we brought our thick quilt from Berlin.

This is a springtime, rainy day picture of our bedroom-balcony in Spandau. If it doesn’t rain, we sleep without the tarp.


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