WINTER … and last contribution in English :)

From next week on I will start writing the contributions in German. This has several reasons:

  • The “Google-translations” from German to English often seem to be better than vise versa.
  • the majority of our followers are German speaking.
  • … and for me, as a native German speaker, it is no problem to write the text in German.
Ice crystals on the car top – but the sun will soon melt them away.
It’s time to light the fire in our fire place.
Time also for taking a nap in front of the fire place.

Last Sunday was the beginning of winter here – and beginning of summer in the northern hemisphere.
We never thought we would still be here at this time. We had expected to be back in Berlin since early April, finally getting to know Liam, Norbert’s first grandson, born New Years day.
We had expected to be back at work for the next half a year and we had hoped to enjoy a wonderful summer with friends and family in Germany.
Instead we are stuck here in a little settlement in the Sierras of Córdoba.


Yes, it gets freezing cold at night. The house is not well insulated, and the temperature inside drops down to 4°C or less. Not very encouraging to get out of the warm bed in the morning!
… at least the car started without problems.
Unfortunately, one very cold night quite a few of my plants in the garden died.

But during the days the weather is mostly pleasant. Over here it hardly ever rains during the winter and there is a lot of sunshine during the day. And even now daytime temperatures may reach up to 20°C or even more.

Good opportunity for breakfast in the garden
Winter flower with butterfly greetings from Villa Parque Síquiman

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